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          Performance characteristics of
          The rolling processing of various specifications of reinforcement is realized, which solves the situation that similar equipment needs one rolling head for processing straight thread at the end of reinforcement. The wire rolling machine adopts internal coolant, which solves the problem of chip removal during rolling. It has high automation intensity, automatic feed shutdown and automatic reset shutdown. Reinforcement rib stripping straight thread rolling machine is a special equipment for proces...
          The aerodynamic test and resear
          During the development of C919 airliner, the Institute of Aeronautical Industry aerodynamics undertook a number of key aerodynamic test tasks, which not only ensured the realization of various performance indexes, but also successfully held up the Chinese dream of big aircraft. The Institute of aerodynamics is the only aerodynamic research and test institution in the aviation industry. It is mainly engaged in aviation aerodynamic design, numerical simulation, basic and applied technology researc...
          Ceramic plate pneumatic feeding
          The ceramic plate pneumatic feeding and mixing system is a pneumatic pressurized mixing and feeding system, which includes a plurality of silos. The mixing inlet of the silo and the mixing cylinder is provided with a raw material discharge pipe, and the raw material discharge pipe is provided with a material conveying device; A mixing feeding pipe is arranged between the mixing outlet of the mixing cylinder and the inlet of the storage bin, and an exhaust fan is arranged in the mixing feeding pi...
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