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          The aerodynamic test and research capability of the Institute of aerodynamics has made a n

              During the development of C919 airliner, the Institute of Aeronautical Industry aerodynamics undertook a number of key aerodynamic test tasks, which not only ensured the realization of various performance indexes, but also successfully held up the Chinese dream of big aircraft.
          The Institute of aerodynamics is the only aerodynamic research and test institution in the aviation industry. It is mainly engaged in aviation aerodynamic design, numerical simulation, basic and applied technology research of wind tunnel test and supporting equipment development. It has a number of advanced and practical test technologies and has undertaken the high and low speed wind tunnel test tasks of various aviation and aerospace aircraft models. In the development of C919, the aerodynamic Institute determined the best design form of the aircraft by completing a series of aerodynamic type selection tests; In 6 years, more than 10 tests were completed in FL-8 low-speed wind tunnel and FL-9 low-speed booster wind tunnel respectively, with a total of more than 200 days, providing strong technical support for the successful maiden flight of C919.
          Unite as one and go all out
          On September 16, 2010, a test kick-off meeting was held for the low-speed hinge torque test of C919 passenger aircraft, which marked that the wind tunnel test of C919 passenger aircraft undertaken by the pneumatic Institute sounded the charge horn and opened a new journey in the development of C919 passenger aircraft.