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          Performance characteristics of hydraulic coarse thread rolling machine

              The rolling processing of various specifications of reinforcement is realized, which solves the situation that similar equipment needs one rolling head for processing straight thread at the end of reinforcement. The wire rolling machine adopts internal coolant, which solves the problem of chip removal during rolling. It has high automation intensity, automatic feed shutdown and automatic reset shutdown. Reinforcement rib stripping straight thread rolling machine is a special equipment for processing reinforcement straight thread thread thread head. The reinforcement end is peeled round by rib stripping knife, and then the reinforcement is rolled with three hollow thread rolling wheels, so as to meet the quality requirements of reinforcement straight thread forming. The main structure, performance and characteristics of the machine: the two main shafts of the machine rotate synchronously and in the same direction, the movable main shaft makes horizontal feeding movement under the promotion of hydraulic pressure, and the two thread rollers hydraulic workpiece to make it into the required thread and other shapes. The machine is mainly composed of frame, transmission box, fixed spindle box, movable spindle seat, tailstock, hydraulic system and electrical parts. Fixed spindle seat and movable spindle seat are mainly used for installing thread rolling, thread position adjustment of thread rolling wheel, and taper adjustment of workpiece thread. The center distance of the two spindle is adjusted to the two spindle seat to adjust to the center, that is, when the workpiece is rolling, it is located at the center of the machine. The hydraulic long workpiece shall make it more convenient for the workpiece to pass through the transmission box.